Burda 7201- Or, How to make a LEGO ATT-ATT

‘Hello, LEGO hotline?’

“how may we help you?”

‘Ok, so  I’m on the 2nd page of the instructions and I’ve just gotten to the part where I turn the facing, tack the pleats and….’

“I’m sorry ma’am, did you say ‘facing’? and ‘pleat’? Are you sure that you have called the correct number?’

‘Well…..I tried the Burda website and it didn’t really help so much, but I’ve had very good experiences with LEGOs over the years and just throwing out the instructions and doing what it looks like it says to do and I know what the blouse SHOULD  look like and um…..’

‘Ma’am- are you trying to make a Burda pattern using their instructions?’

‘Well, actually…..yes. I’m sorry I bothered you, I was just so frustrated……and this number was in my husbands rolodex…’

‘It’s no problem, Ma’am we get this alot….hold please and I’ll send you to one of our ‘Burda Pattern depression counsellors we’ve set up to help you….and thank you for calling the LEGO hotline’

Last night I came  very close to doing this. Very close. I also came very close to just using the pattern pieces as coasters. Miss Holloway seriously earned her stripes this weekend. I used french seams frenched’ the whole thing, so not only was I dealing with instructions that baffled, I was turning it in 8 directions. It may take days for the vein in my temple to stop throbbing like Bruce Banner?!  Why must I keep returning to the Burda well? There just ain’t no water there and certainly no Dr Pepper?! Ok, see how this looks NOTHING like the cover? Yeah, I see that too. Maryfrana posted a review of this pattern that I’ve had cut out and scowling at me and I thought, ‘face your fears, Anne’ so I did. Well, Mine looks nothing like the pattern, it kept evolving/devolving the entire time until I end up with a sort of jackety thing. Well, you know I like jackety things- especially useless ones, so I’m ok with this, but, my husband the direction following, diagram loving type would just be aghast at this. Lets just say I took the LEGO Att-Att instructions and made a Tudor cottage.I know the front panel was supposed to fold across and tuck into the front lower bands, but this felt more ‘me’. Yes, that’s it, I made a style choice, I wasn’t totally baffled by the instructions. I swear one day the husband will walk by the sewing room door and the cats and I will be wearing tricorns made from the Burda instructions and rocking back and forth muttering…..I know I was supposed to tuck these happy front flaps into the lower facings and it would cross over and form sort of edgy kimono, but I was seeing armistice blouse or something and left them out. Yes, I know that i keep repeating that I knew what I was supposed to do, but Lord if it didn’t make no sense at the time! Will someone kindly come over and remove the Burdas from my pattern bins before someone gets hurt????Curse you, Burda! I am foiled again! But I sort of win, too. I do like my jacket and my mini stormtrooper escort…. photo credits: Pattern Review.com, Meadhawg**NO desktop Stormtroopers were harmed during the making of this post**

58 thoughts on “Burda 7201- Or, How to make a LEGO ATT-ATT

  1. Well – it doesn’t look anything like the cover – it looks MUCH better! You have created a new style – you should invoice Burda for your designing skills. LOVE the top / Jacket. Much better than what Burda can do.


  2. mrsmole says:

    Can you do practical and beautiful at the same time you are creating Lego creatures? Si, Si, tu puede! Some days printed patterns are just the “jumping off” point to inspire/confuse us into better styles…you have risen to the occasion almighty Anne! Brava!


  3. Sigh. Burda. The thing is, they seem to fill a niche, style-wise, so their designs continue to be tempting despite the rather sparse instructions. I love how this turned out though – so elegant!


  4. Hah suck it to those pattern instruction writer bastards at Burda. But then you created something great from the ashes they made – that’s good. Just as well though cos couldn’t bear to think of you losing it and going crazy with that Att Att.

    PS I’m guessing an Att Att is the big walking thingy? I really should google more lol


  5. starryfishathome says:

    Do you think their instructions make any more sense in German? Maybe they just use a terrible online translator like those weird Chinese menus!
    It looks a very nice jackety thing anyway.


  6. Wow, are they really that bad? I used to get Burda World of Fashion magazine and I just figured that because they were in magazine format they were pretty sparse and baffling. But if the actual patterns are that bad, woe is me! Haha, if only they were as clear as Lego directions! Despite all this, I think your blouse (over-blouse?) is lovely and sort of Dowton Abbey-y.


  7. LOL, Burda instructions probably can only be understood fully by those minds that are similar to Timothy Leary’s in the spacey 80’s. Now I do like the resulting garments from the few I have made, but really sometimes it’s a wing and prayer that they get together properly.


  8. You’re so cheeky!
    There I was worrying about using a Burda pattern and you’ve just been tearing your hair out over one. You didn’t say anything. Were you trying not to worry me? Eek. Though I guess you won in the end so maybe I will too.
    Well your colour choices are gorgeous. And love the storm trooper too!


  9. Carolyn says:

    I’ve never used a Burda pattern, and now I don’t plan on it, thanks! : ) Your jacket looks great, and you should be proud of yourself for salvaging this project!


  10. Oh my goodness, could I love this post any more? I am so with you on Burda instructions, and the awesomeness of Lego instructions. Love that the stormtrooper and AT-AT are helping you showcase your new top!


  11. I was going to say, “Well, the instructions for the gored skirt I’m working on seemed just fine, but of course it is a simple pattern…” but then I remembered that the instructions told me to baste the seam allowances for the zipper, press that seam open, _remove the basting_, and _then_ attach the zipper. I stared, giggled, attached the zipper with those basting stitches right where they belonged, and removed them after it was solidly in place. What were they thinking?


  12. Scruffybadger says:

    Well it’s a sign of relief that you have got to the end and that you can reflect with humour…but I sense with gritted teeth. I’ve not gone burda, and have so many others that maybe I won’t need to especially after this! However, your jacket is fab…love your fabric choices nd it looks so pretty


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