Up Ahead- by that Flamingo! It’s Jungle January 2


Our very first trek into the wild for 2014 is here! Who displayed Darwinian skill and speed to be the first to the watering hole? Valerie of Valerie’s Own Sewing Blog!  She is doing a victory lap in some serious Lola pants- go see more of them!!!!!!


Gail will have lots of trouble hiding in this little sequinned top she made- you know I had to use this pic! Go see the posts for more fun!


Now, everyday I grab my binoculars and head into the wild interwebs looking for stylish predators and look what I found at The Happy Sewist- a Stylarc Cate with much style!


Ahuva is having a very wild game week- go check her out- she even gave us a fabric shopping link! Gorgeous fabrics has her print on sale! Bookmarking!!!! Check out this one- and why haven’t I been shopping Gorgeous fabrics?  gorgeous

I can totally see myself prancing in this.  Blessed are those that slither, they shall be quite envied!


I think Vogue would be quite pleased if we used this, don’t you?


Tired from all that shopping? Pennylibrarian brings us refreshments! Now isn’t that nice? While on a jungle trek we mustn’t forget the smaller creatures- the average Amazonian butterfly can grow anywhere from 12 inches to an astonishing 1 foot in wingspan! Wow, kids! Who knew i was educational? img_2376-e1388419880472

Don’t forget to put your pics on flickr for the explorers at home!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, Valeriesown. All images remain the property of their original owners.

41 thoughts on “Up Ahead- by that Flamingo! It’s Jungle January 2

  1. According to the Chinese it is the year of the horse but I think it is the year of the snake. I am in the midst of a grey snake skin dress and you should check out the slithering over at Nancy K Sews blog.

    Loving the offering to the jungle queen so far.


  2. Patrice Marcks says:

    I like birds more than I like animal prints, so I went with this super soft, comfy cotton flamingo print. The pattern is Jalie 2911.

    This is what real flamingos do in the wild…

    Thank you for your hilarious blog, and for doing Jungle January. This is fun!

    Sent from my iPad

    Patrice Marcks



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