Welcome to the Jungle…..Mrs Mole!


Now Spokes-kitten Flannery and I are beyond excited to welcome the stylings of a very talented lady today!If you have a yen to know how to save any RTW garment, how to make a perfectly fitted silk purse from a sows ear, if I was to ask whose abilities had saved more weddings than Michael Bolton- we would immediately all shout in unison- Mrs Mole! Naturally. Now, as with all superheroes in their off-time, Mrs Mole requests a bit of anonymity- lest her trips about town end with a paprazzi swarm! No one likes that at the car wash! I mean really! back

I love this jacket/blouse so much. The mixed prints are so spot on. These prints all work so well together, balancing the green brown tones in the leafy print. For me, the secret of combining prints succesfully is varying the sizes of each. This works so well- I would so snatch this off of her, but that would be very rude to a guest, doncha know. So I will just quietly covet it. Along with the slippers. Of course.front

A little pattern review info for you from the lady herself: Obviously I had scraps of fabric, nothing big enough to make a full shirt. I had the original IJ pattern which was changed later. There were no darts and crappy short facings like a lot of IJ patterns so darts were added in front (FBA) and in back neck (rounded back) and the sleeves lengthened and belled out. The button holes were skipped and replaced with loops and inside front facings extended to reach to the hem. This is what a “jacket” looks like on a normal person…more like a blouse and in the end it grabbed under the armholes so I added a gusset so I could reach forward…IJ604_1

I think I need this pattern- now that I know how to fit it. Or maybe a really good seamstress to make me one…..in all of her freetime!!! side

Mrs M, as a generous contributor to my feline folly- I got you a little something extra special- please, enjoy! michael-bolton-

photo credits: the private collection of Mrs Mole, meadhawg, google images

31 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle…..Mrs Mole!

  1. mrsmole says:

    Oh Michael, you don’t know what this means to me! Like your lyrics say, “Love is a Beautiful Thing”. Thank you, Anne for sharing my photo, baggy pants and all. Using quilting cottons is not my first preference as they don’t seem to want to glide over my fluffy mole parts but I was able to extend the lower curved panels and make them straight and add a small stand up collar to cover neck wrinkles. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Jungle January submissions!


  2. OMG, that’s great! Mrs. Mole has truly embraced the challenge and come up with something wonderful. You know, I am getting inspired to try my hand at some catty myself. I’m off to the fabric sale today and I know just the thing….;)


  3. That is just too cute. Too. Cute. Mrs. Mole surely knows how to mix a print. I like IJ patterns–their style. How charming of you to give her Michael Bolton. I wonder if that is good barter for that fabulous jacket!


  4. Firstly, Mrs Mole, that jacket is bananas! Love it!!! Secondly, Michael B. Wowser. Please tell me you have seen the Jack Sparrow song on youtube featuring Mr B? Sheer. Gold.


  5. I was introduced to Mrs. Mole by a wonderfully pithy and oh-so-hit-the-nail-on-the-head bit of helpful advice she tossed off in a comment on my blog. I immediately became a fan. 🙂 Helpful, creative, and stylish to boot – what’s not to love? 😀


  6. Way to use up those scraps!

    I’m usually not that daring myself but perhaps I should dig around in my scraps and see if anything seems to get along well together.


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