Perhaps I’m not so cool….but neither is Vogue 8894

lillian g

Yup, thats a shock.  My tastes usually run more toward the festooned than the grungy.  The Grunge Sewalong about had me beaten.


I had absolutely no inspiration. I began to wonder, where was I during the 90’s? Oh. I was working retail. In the South. So I have of course blocked out my conforming null style from that period! clerk

So lets see about what I love about the 90’s grunge era:

perry ellis

Long dresses and sleeves, mixed prints, hard boots….hmm……Ok lets do this. Regardless of my husband saying that he could not even picture me and grunge in the same sentence. This led to a ‘well what is my style?’ discussion that is best left down the rabbit hole where it was conducted!perry 2

More Perry Ellis for you! Yes, I know Agyness is too young to have seen grunge first hand, but a style without an update is just a costume 06c7a9e7184966472419501dc7e86a6f




No. Back to Agyness….Deanna and I figured it out. There was just nothing counterculture or ironic about wearing flannel and boots in the south in the 90’s. It was just another day at Walmart. 684c53a4366fed755ce02009d6681411

Phew! That was close! Ok, I think I have my plan. Vogue 8894. Sort of Boho, but doable. 8894

Get your Screaming Trees cd out, we are going for it!


This pattern needed major alterations, vague darts, odd armpit dog ears, a v so low it was in the cleavage basement……it was like a bad starter pattern that you just kept adjusting and futzing with.grung4

I like this with a little cardy and of course nothing makes an outfit like a Disney Couture Bambi scarf, right? I’m badass. You can say it. That’s why the cameo on the bodice is off kilter. Irony, I has it.IMG_2381

I love the hem, but I don’t think this is a very flattering or well designed pattern. It’s kimono-no-no. I brought the side seams up into the armpit area a good 3 inches and it still just bags under there. Good smugglin’ frock. grung2

Do you remember me long ago
Used to wear my heart on my sleeve
I guess it still shows

Wore my jacket and I wore your sweater

Underneath the bridge it was an indian summer

Purple mascara, safety pins kickin’ the dirt

Took off your jacket took off my sweater

and we made a wish things would never be better

Train whistle blew my wish won’t come. oh no.


Take it to a higher place
Where this world ain’t in your face
You and me, carson mccullers
Take it to a higher plane
Take me where the action ain’t
Open windows
Open shutters


Now, indulge me and enjoy the ultimate 90’s whiplash- Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg covering Cole Porters’ Let’s Do it’ for the Tank Girl soundtrack:

photo credits: google images, pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners. A special thanks to Courtney Love, Cole Porter and Paul Westerberg for inspiration.

105 thoughts on “Perhaps I’m not so cool….but neither is Vogue 8894

  1. WOW! Great story and final result. The 90’s is so far away… I will have to go the same way as you are to find out what I was doing then – long ago…
    You look great in this dress – the styling is perfect! I feel like being back in 90’s 🙂


  2. LOL, I’m digging out Echo and the Bunnymen, I’ve need an excuse and your wonderful dress is just it. Looks great too. Bambi would be beside himself to be part of such a cool outfit.


  3. mrsmole says:

    Where has the super cool flirty girl with the dachshunds gone? She has morphed into someone your boyfriend’s parents warned him about….bad girls in the alley!


  4. Martha says:

    Well, I like it on you. Sort of victorian-badass-sassy. Or it might just be that you are so very cool in the photos. They are great photots..


  5. LOL at the ‘bad girls in the alley’ comment by Mrs Mole…! Totally agree, btw…bring back that fun, inspired sewist we all know and love 🙂 Grunge was rotten when it came out (seriously…how elitist was this movement? People spending major $$$ trying to look like bag ladies. Ridiculous: see Coco Perez in her $$$$ dress held together w/safety pins, etc, above) and it’s STILL rotten! Bleech and bleech.

    Bring on the fun flannel – I know you have this in you!


  6. This is amazing. I’m really happy you went for it and indulged your inner Courtney. It’s fun to pretend to be young again, right? I was really anti grunge when I started seeing it come back last year (stone wash denim mom jeans are actually a thing again in Montreal). But then it kinda got me. I’m doing more of a gothy thing than grunge though – lots of black and I just MANICED PANICKED my hair. The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland, AND on my head.


  7. Haha. I think you can rock any look!

    Somehow I completely missed the 90’s. I stopped paying attention in the 80’s and started living in my own unfashionable fashion world.


  8. I wore flannel and converse sneakers in the 70s/early 80s, so when it came around again in the 90’s I just wanted to scream TAKE A SHOWER!!!! 🙂 And, yes, most of those folks looked like they just walked out of Walmart in the suburbs. Nothing deeply subversive about the grunge movement at all. Having said that, I do like your dress! AND, looks like you also showered, so steps above grunge already! 😛


  9. I love the photo shoot… and the Docs… and the dress w/ docs … and the dress with the leather jacket… You are looking mighty badass Ms Disney… Not sure I will get to Grunge although it looks like I would enjoy it! I am pretty sure we all have a little bit of rebel lurking inside! ~Laurie


  10. FabricKate says:

    Like everyone else I was suprised how nice this looks. I am pretty sure it is the colours. You really suit the muted shades – mud, grime, dirt, mould and sludge. Especially sludge. Hate hankerchief points, and any kind of uneven hem myself.

    I am still laughing about the temperance outfit.


  11. I looked at the illustration and thought the pattern hideous, but on a real person in your amazing fabric and boots is has a touch of fabulous! Well done for seeing the possibilities!


  12. I have to disagree with your opening statement – I think you look great – real edgy and appropriate. Without sounding like Project Runway – you rock!Your styling is impeccable and it’s not an 80s look but way into the future. More please……


  13. I think you look fabulous! That hemline is a tricky one but you pulled it off. I also love that I know exactly where your photos were taken 🙂 And yes, flannel shirts and boots aren’t/have never been counterculture around here.


  14. You always crack me up. “Good smuggling dress”. Genius.

    I think this looks great with the leather jacket and those totally awesome kick ass lace up boots. You’ve absolutely rocked grunge despite the troublesome pattern. Fabulous!


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