Wearable Wednesday Melitta Baumeister

No, I could hear you- I chose to ignore you.

My guinea pigs have separation anxiety.

Just back away from the podium a few steps….

Static cling sucks.

No, seriously- I can’t stand up.

Where do I hook the vacuum tube?

No it’s not a colon- it’s a sculpture!?

Wanda- I told you not to stand too close to the fireplace!

I miss Prince too.

Photo credits: Vogue. Com

17 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Melitta Baumeister

  1. Leigh says:

    That static cling one is KILLING me! HAHAHAHA! And those SHOES! OMG! Dying here. LOL Is that Wednesday’s older less-interesting cousin with the personality deficit disorder? And are those really guinea pigs or bits of Cousin It?


  2. brilliant….especially I am in ireland and its paddys day here – and those green outfits really match the moment – best ironic outfits ever for today. Those shoes – yikes –

    Having said that – there is a tv trend here yesterday and today – for showing home/back yard parades (I kid you not – its really kids sending in footage of parades they organise in their garden, with toys and dress up – its cute and odd at the same time….) I think the shoes could walk that far


  3. susansnow007 says:

    These are disowned cousins of the Addams Family. They dwell in caves deep in the forest. Some of this clothing has been specially designed for foraging for food and hiding it from marauding predators. The shoes are specially designed for navigating swampy areas as they are flotational and keep their feet dry. The head of this troupe wears the hood with the earholes so that she can hear approaching danger and they can scurry for cover. They owe their very lives to the designer of these garments LOL.


  4. erinalter says:

    i don’t care. i love capes and always will. i would wear that cape. maybe hem it just a bit further. i’ve contemplated attempting to bring capes into my daily wardrobe and a monochrome look could be just the entry point i need.


  5. The dropped phone in the one with the model absconding the the podium under her…dress?…hair?…There’s something so intriguing about it. Maybe the hair tent she’s wearing doesn’t have any pockets….

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